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Paris, 1st October 2005 (AFP) - Hundreds of people demonstrated on satursday in Paris to protest against discriminations against transsexuals and claim a better medical taking on, one of the organizers said to AFP.

Between 800 and a a thouthand people marched between “Hotel de Ville” (Main Town Hall) to “Place de la République” (Republic Square), according to Sophie Lichten, spokeswoman of the association ExisTrans’.

«We claim a census of trans’ people in France. We don’t know how much we are and the AP (Assistance Publique - French Public Assistance) doesn’t recognize us», she explained by phone.

The organizations think there are 60.000 trans’ in France.

The transsexuals also claim a medical recognition throughout the path of those who decide to have sex change. Moreover, they worry about the lack of any statistic on contamination by AIDS: «We have no counting of trans’ with AIDS condition; there is no study on hormone treatment matching with tri-therapies», Ms Lichten added.

To finish, they wish the legal proceeding which allow them to change their identity on civil status register will be simplified, she explained.



Translated into english, spanish and italian by Marlène Riwkeh Mèges (marimeg AT, member of Sans Contrefaçon (Marseilles) and of the Groupe Activiste Trans' - GAT (Paris) for Mrs Sophie Lichten (sophie.licht AT, spokeswoman of ExisTrans'.

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